Productivity Grows My Success

Productivity leads to doing more which leads to my desired success. Productivity is the art of doing what needs to be done when it needs to be done. It takes practice.

Productivity leads to My Success

Either I am very enthused or I have had too much coffee, but either way, I am going for it.

This morning Tony Marino was talking about productivity over at the Strategist Radio. The words he shared jump-started my day and I have been on fire since.

My Six Tips for Productivity and Success

I had already started and when you get started then it is easier to keep going.

  1. Accountability makes a difference and working from home as a freelance writer means I have very little accountability. I tried telling the kids they could hold me accountable, but that got annoying FAST! But, inspired by NaNo and other challenges from Nov, I am preparing some ideas to help me blast off in the New Year.
  2. I must continue to know where I stand – my strengths and my struggles. As long as I keep trying to do it all, I will run around getting very little done. I have seen that in my own home. Yes, I can do all the cooking and all the cleaning all the time, but there is very little else I can get done. I have to let release the projects to those that can do the projects (and sometimes that requires taking out the time to coordinate or train with others for the project).
  3. You can only eat an elephant one bite at a time. Trying to do it all right now will only leave me frustrated and overwhelmed. It will be accomplished one day at a time. It will be accomplished one corner at a time. It will be accomplished one step at a time.
  4. My win and your win may not be under the same parameters. Until I know what it means TO ME to win – to succeed, to finish – then I will struggle for direction. I have to know where I am going and why I am going if I am ever going to get there.
  5. There has to be a time limit. Without deadlines, the project will continue on forever – ALWAYS. There has to be an endgame or there will be no end to the game. Things will continue to move in front of the project. The project will collect dust for a time. A deadline forces the finish line one way or another.

It is in my hands. It has always been in my hands. The success of my writing; The success of my business; The success of my weight loss; The success of my ministry – no matter what direction I am aiming, the success falls on my shoulders. If I am willing to get started, to keep moving, to stay in my strengths, and to ask for help in my weakness, THEN I have can reach the success that I defined at the beginning of the journey.

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