Dream a Little Dream

Contests are a great way to stretch a budget – IF you win. They can also be a bit of torment when you are left behind with nothing but your big plans and an empty wallet. Still, the ladies over at 5 Minutes for Mom are helping to make the season brighter with giveaways during their 12 Days of Cleaning.

The latest giveaway is a $500 gift card to the Home Depot. I am a DIY fanatic. I like to watch DIY shoes, read about DIY projects and jump into my own projects with both feet (usually without too much thought 😀 ). Here are just a few of the things that I would tackle with a $500 gift card from the Home Depot.

    1. Finish the guest bathroom – including tile edging, vanity mirror and other accessories.
    2. Down payment for new range with a double oven and 5 eyes on the stove.
    3. Supplies for a cool playground set.
    4. A charcoal grill with thermostat.
    5. Trim and flooring for the guest room (that was started three years ago).
    6. New deck furniture to replace the plastic stuff on the back deck.

There are always a few things that need to be tackled around our home. I usually like to wait until my husband will be away for several hours before I jump into big projects. He’s not a huge fan of change so surprising him is all that much more fun.

What would you do with $500? Take a visit to 5 Minutes for Mom and see if you might can be the lucky winner of this or one of the other great prizes they are giving out this holiday season.

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