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Finding Faith Focus to Push through Blocks

Faith focus makes room for hope to grow. It clears the foundation so you can stand. It makes room for possibility thinking and possibility living. To walk out from where you are to where you want to be you need to invest in a faith focus.

Faith Focus

“Faith is the substance of and the confidence in things hoped for. Faith is the evidence of things not seen.”
from Hebrews 11:1

I told my husband things were about to break.

“Good,” he offered in reply (although his tone told me it was not good). “Having you been saying that for seven years?”

It hasn’t been seven years, but it has been too long. Each time I felt things were finally breaking in my direction, something would come up. It would fall on me to shift my schedule or my focus to make things work.

It turns out that when water gets in the boat, the immediate response is to stop rowing and start bailing. Sometimes we might even try to fix the leak. Too many times the water is only from the waves of the storm breaking over the walls to try and convince us to abandon ship.

But I would stop. I would bail. I would patch.

My investment into possibilities would build up, and I would feel myself on the verge of that break. I would build up momentum or get in a groove. Just when I thought it was all coming together, something major would happen. In response, I would shift my attentions and my resources to what came up.

Before long, I look around, and I’m farther behind, and now my breakthrough seems out of reach.

No more! About six months back, I jumped in the boat with a determination grounded in purpose. “Something is about to break.” I shared with my friend.

“I agree,” he said.

The words were out of my mouth for only a few minutes when I turned around and ran into a wall – a big wall – a painful wall. The details don’t matter, but it’s safe to say there was a LOT of water in the boat. I may have caused some of it with my own tears.

My default reaction had been to stop and bail. It had never worked before, so I decided there was nothing to lose. I moved with a faith focus instead. When faith focus leads the way, then hope has room to grow. When hope grows, it all becomes possible again.

Find a Faith Focus

    faith focus
    Know what to hope for – if faith is the substance of things hoped for then there should be a foundation of the better things. A consistent investment in the Word provides the foundation for faith.

    Grow up in confidence – the only way to have confidence in something is to know it beyond any doubt. It’s one thing to know something. It’s another level to take it in so much that it settles down into the knower and becomes second nature to your being and doing.

    See beyond what you can see – because you won’t see it all, understand it all, or know it all. The wind is not something you see unless it acts upon another object or person. If the weather man tells you it will be a windy day then you believe him. Faith focus happens when you see beyond the limits of reality.

Storms will happen. Waves will crash into your boat (and even over your boat). Develop a faith focus that will give you the courage to keep rowing.

Be blessed,
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