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How to Find Your Way Back from Lost

Finding your way back from lost can be as simple as admitting you are lost. Once you recognize that you aren’t going in the right direction then you can make the choices to change directions (or sometimes to change destinations when feasible or more acceptable).

If you keep wandering around then you will remain lost and often will get so caught up in lost that you forget where you were going in the first place.

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February 17, 2020

Daily Dash of Twisted Encouragement

How to Find Your Way Back From Lost

Last year, I made a plan. It was a good, solid plan to get me from point A to point B (or C or D depending on what day you asked). I dug in and got to work determined to create my world domination before the end of the year.

Halfway through the year, my computer crashed. It was not the first time I had encountered the situation. Fortunately, I had made the choice to purchase an external backup I had set to back up every night.

Of course, I had also found that a full backup eats a lot of memory so I had set it to the differential backup which – I found out after the crash (and after I had deleted all the previous backups except for the ONE full backup) differential backs up only what is different from the last time you backed up.

Much of what I had crafted was lost to the crash. I confess I cried for two days. So much I had planned went up with a click of the delete key so many weeks before. Then, I picked myself up and got back to work.

Because if you want to get there, you have to keep going.

I made some adjustments in my #WhiteBoardofWorldDomination plan and began again. Four months later, I had another computer crash – although at this point I was beginning to suspect it was me.

“Why bother?” Despite the great plan and despite all the activity, I hadn’t gotten any closer to where I wanted to be or even to where I needed to be. I had no clue where I was or how to even begin to get out of where I was.

I looked around and realized I was lost. At some point, during a meeting, an event, or a coaching session, I had lost my way.

When my boys were younger, we would always offer the advice Steve gave to Blue in “Blue’s Clues” when she couldn’t find something she wanted. “Go back to where you were.” When the boys would ask about a toy or a jacket or a shoe (cause it’s always ONE shoe) then we would encourage them to go back to where they were. Remember the last moment you had it and walk through your day from there.

I went back – back to the drawing board, back to where it had worked, and back to when I truly had an understanding and peace for the next step. I remembered the last time things had been going right and I felt not only peace and understanding but bold confidence for the next step.

Those insights led to a clearing out and clearing up of the activities so I could simplify the process.

It is simple. We just work hard to make it complicated.

Finding the Way Back from Lost

You have to know what to do when you come to the fork in the road, or when you run right into that fork, or when the fork has stabbed you in the back. You have to be willing to admit that you aren’t sure where you are or you aren’t sure where you are going. When you remember the moment of peace and understanding then you will be able to take your next step from a calm and focused heart.

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  • What makes you feel as if you are lost? Think about the circumstance or situations that are causing you to feel like you have lost your way or like you are facing a fork. Make a list of all those things.
  • Have you lost your drive? There can be a fine line in feeling lost and being lost and being tired will often make you feel lost. When you lose the get up and go then it can make you feel more lost than you actually are. Evaluate your energy level and find balance there before you try to fix something that’s not broken
  • Do you feel out of focus? When you stopped looking where you are going then the lack of focus will end up driving you in a ditch. It doesn’t matter if you are turned to look at the people around you (comparison) or looking behind you (wallowing in regret) or looking at the latest shiny object. If you aren’t looking at where you are going and keeping a focus on that then you won’t be able to get there.
  • When was the last time you felt at peace or at least felt a calm about the next step? Remembering that point of peace can help you get yourself back on track.
  • Getting lost or feeling lost both have the same effect on your journey. They put a halt to your progress. When you find yourself wondering where you are or why you are there, remember to follow the Blue’s Clues recommendation and go back to where you were.

    It may not be the full answer to your dilemma but it will be helpful in getting back on target for your BIG DREAMS.

    When was the last time you felt a peace about your steps?

    Challenge for Intentional Actions

    daily challenge - find your way back

    Find Your Way Back

    Are you lost?
    Are you lacking drive?
    Are you out of focus?
    When were you last at peace?

    The feelings may seem the same, but the difference will be the actions you take. If you are lost, go back to where you were at peace. If you are lacking drive, find your way to get recharged. If you are out of focus, review your purpose and mission.

    You can find your way back into your purposeful path.

    Quote of the Day

    “Finding a clear vision is not a one-size-fits all journey.” – Kathryn Lang

    Your way will be unique to you because you are unique in all the world. Dare to see how your uniquenesses will make it work – and then make it work.

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    What Others Say

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    Scripture Focus

    Today’s Readings:

    Numbers 28 – 30
    2 Chronicles 21 – 24
    Hosea 1 – 7
    Proverb 17

    Scripture Focus - Proverb 17:27

    Scripture Focus:

    “He that has knowledge holds back his words.” from Proverb 17:27

    Ponder Point:

    Just because you know it doesn’t mean you have to share it. Just because you think it doesn’t mean you have to speak it. Just because it’s true doesn’t mean they want to know. Let Knowledge guide the words you release into the world.

    Share Moment:

    When was the last time you said something you wish later you could take back?

    Study Question

    Dig in deeper to the Word to grow a closer relationship with the Word.

    In Jeremiah 3:22, the Lord says, “Return to Me and I will heal your backsliding.”

    Where in your life do you need healing? How can you return to God in that area?

    Bible Study Question - where do you need healing

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