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How You Can Find Your Hope with Positivity

The hope you seek hides in plain sight. When you look for hope, when you open your eyes to the possibility of hope, when you choose to seek hope then you will find hope.

Find Your Hope
I woke to a Twitter notification feed overflowing.

I see you rolling your eyes. “What good can come of a Twitter feed?” You may be asking. “And how good can things be if your feed is overflowing?” You may add to your question, possibility with a little snide sarcasm.

I get it. Social Media may not be known as the hope haven. Twitter, in particular, has received some bad reviews – in part because of the way certain people (who we will not name here) have chosen to utilize the social media tool.

This overflow feed kicked my day off to an amazing start. It was filled with lists of things people love. I got tagged by Gene Petrove, a Leadership Coach I connected with through Twitter.

The thread encouraged me to share five things I love and then to tag five others to do the same. It was fun. It provided me a few smiles. It connected me with new folks. Most importantly, it helped me engage in a positive way.

Positivity begets positivity.

Make today a day you provoke positive in your life and for your life.

Tips for Promoting Positivity

  1. Speak softly. A soft word turns away wrath – maybe not from the other person, but it will keep your own heart from stirring up trouble.
  2. Don’t argue. In the end, nobody will when an argument anyway. You don’t have to agree, but you can accept and move on.
  3. Share a smile. The smile can be a real smile or a happy moment. When you share a smile, you give a smile to you and to those that encounter the smile.
  4. Repeat the positives. Get up in the morning and think about your gratitudes or positives. Share your positive experiences throughout the day with others. Review the gratitudes and positives before you go to sleep at night. When you repeat the positives then positives begin to become your default.
Dancing can make you smile – and also make those watching smile as well!

The only limit to positives is your choice to look. I received an overflow of positives from Twitter. I also get more than a few smiles on other social media platforms (even during election season). The more you invest in hope, encouragement, and positivity the more you find those elements lead the way.

Be blessed,
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