LIVE Online Bible Study and Classes

It is HERE!

The anticipation has been thick around the house these last couple of months. I could feel that something was about to happen and I knew that my part was to continue doing what I knew to do even when I did not see the returns I wanted or expected. It was not the results but the obedience.

Then it happened. The email came and the anticipation turned into a stomach churning excitement!

I have the blessing to combine my passion for words – both written and spoken – and encouraging others through a new teaching opportunity. You can read about and sign up for the first class. “Blessed to Destress” will be a four week study that will help us step out of the fear and anxiety and find a place of peace and joy.

Some of you may already be familiar with CurrClick. The company has launched SundayScholar and through it live classes will be taught as well as books and materials sold. There are items focused on almost every topic you can imagine.

I need your help with this new endeavor. Please take a moment to visit the Sunday Scholar website. You may even want to sign up for one of the new classes while you are visiting. Stop back in and let me know what you think by commenting on this blog post.

It would also help if you would let me know what types of classed would interest you – even times or days for that matter. My prayer has been to always be looking out for ways to touch the lives of others – even on those days when I see only the woods and the wildlife. This is an answer to those prayers.

I look forward to your comments and to connecting even more!

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