Fake it Until You Make It

There was nothing in my entire being that wanted to go out. A cold front pushed in and dragged along with it a headache that was determined to lodge in my brain. The rain made everything grey instead of the fresh green of spring I expected. And just to keep things interesting my Ph balance had been off for a week – and every female in the audience probably knows what that means.

I was in a bad place physically.

The better part of the day had been planned out to perfection. We were surprising the kids with a trip to the circus – the first real activity we had been on since financial troubles land locked us a few years back.

I spent the first half of the day sleeping which my husband knows is never a good sign. He kept the kids out of the house so that I could get up and moving on my own time. The first thing I did when I rolled out of the bed was to make it. I was determined to make things look nice no matter how my body wanted to feel.

The next step involved a bath. While I was soaking and relaxing, the curlers were heating. I stepped out of the tub and put my hair in curlers and then went about picking out a comfortable but fashionable outfit. By the time my five year old bounded in the house to yell “are you feeling better,” I was feeling better.

None of the circumstances had changed, but my attitude about those circumstances had changed. I was not about to let a few things stand in the way of an amazing experience for me and my family.

Fake it until you make it is not about living in a pretend world. It is about reaching for that exceeding, abundant blessing that has been gifted to me by my Father. I have to choose to see beyond the physical reality and grasp hold of the expectation of what is to be.

No matter where you are – you have a choice in what you see. Sometimes it requires putting on a brave face and pushing through despite the pain. Other times that brave face will soon become the reality of the situation. The brave face has to lead when the circumstances are hindering the path.

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