Defeating Failure

Failure is mocking my actions. The focus falls on the negative any time failure is at the center of attention. The past crawls up and steals the future and paralyzes the present. Failure may happen but there are ways that I can survive and overcome the domino effect that can come from failure.

    1. Failure must be confronted. Face the mistakes head on to begin the process of overcoming. The longer you try to put it off then the bigger the problem becomes (or at least appears).

    2. Failure must be dealt with or worked through. It can not be swept under the rug or ignored. The problems and circumstances are not going away.

    3. Failure must be overcome by turning it over to God and trusting Him to turn even my mistakes into good as long as I turn to HIM. The key to every problem that ever was or ever will be lies in the Word of God.

    4. Failure must be released. It is impossible to change yesterday. Let it go! Run the race that exists today and keep your eyes on tomorrow (the only way to get a straight line is to look where you are going).

Taking risks, stepping out or just walking around day to day means that failure is likely to make it to your front door. Failure can cause you to crash or give you a boost to overcome. The difference lies in focus. Are you going to focus on the past or on the possibilities? Are you going to focus on the failure or on the One who has overcome all failures?

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