How to Hone Your Belief to Live Your Possibilities

Belief needs care and support to become all it is designed to be. I have to know it – but I also have to know it so well it puts roots down into my heart and becomes a part of me. Knowing it in my knower will require an investment in understanding unique design.

focus makes the difference

What do you believe?

It seems like a simple question, but it will make all the difference in the world.

When you believe something then you work towards that belief. You do what you can do to bring that belief to life. You can want something without believing, but you don’t invest in the purposeful actions to get there. You have to believe it (deep down) so that you can conceive the plan to reach it.

Hone Your Belief

    Learn from others. Although your way will be unique to you and only you can define your way or walk it out, it is wise to listen to others and learn from their journey. Learning is a sure sign of growing and anything not growing is in the process of dying. If you want to hone your belief and grow it up into all it can be then you have to invest in learning.

    Keep your unique take. Others may have walked a similar path, and they may want to explain to you how to get there. They will be wrong, and they will be wrong EVERY SINGLE TIME. What worked for the others will not work for you, at least not in the exact steps they took. You have to remember that you are unique in all the world and therefore your journey will also be unique.

    Practice and always practice with the intention of being better than you were before. Despite what they will tell you, practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect. So keep practicing but keep aiming for better in the practicing.

    Record the process. Write out a record of what you are doing, where you are going, and how you are investing. The more you can see it the easier it will be to hone your belief.

    Take time to review. Regularly look over what you have done so you can see where to implement more learning, where to invest in more practice, or where to pivot towards a new direction.

Dare to believe and if you aren’t yet to that place of bold belief then keep honing the ideas and the dreams until they take root and grow up into your belief. When you hone your belief you make it possible to move intentionally into your BIG DREAM goals.

Be blessed,
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