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Think on Cost, Purpose, and Value to Boost Better Choices

Purpose has to be the focus. I have to hold up every opportunity and invitation to the unique purpose of my design or I end up trying to do everything.

Too many irons in the fire means someone is going to get burned – and it’s usually me. I need to be focused on my unique design and my unique purpose and not allow anything – even things that seem good – come in the way of the purpose I am pursuing.

This journey is tough enough without getting distracted or detained by all the shiny objects and raving squirrels.

In Luke 14: 25 – 34, Jesus is talking to his followers about the cost of discipleship, the importance of planning, and what happens when we lose our fervor for our unique design.

Walking the narrow path will cost – because every choice I make comes with a sacrifice of one area or another. If I choose to eat healthy, then I may sacrifice the indulgence of cookies or sodas. If I choose to indulge, then I may sacrifice my health or personal perception.

Every choice has a cost.

I have worked on four different projects this morning – each with equal importance and time constraints. During one break, I caught the edges of two more projects that can’t wait much longer if I’m going to follow through with those projects as well.

I already know that if I am going to focus on one then something is going to give in the other, but what gives and what goes? In my particular situation, that is how I count the cost.

Counting the Cost of Purpose

  • What are my driving values? I am to love God first and to love others through that love and relationship with God. But what drives me? When I take time to evaluate the driving values for my life and in my life then I position myself to determine if I have the resources necessary to complete the tower (or this particular project).
  • Why am I taking on the project? I sit around and think up ideas and possibilities all the time. My husband’s least favorite words out of my mouth are “I’ve been thinking.” Just today he told me to stop already. Each idea opens up the potential for a new project and each project will require an investment. I can only invest so much before I lose my motivation to invest anymore. I have to evaluate the why so that I know if I have the fervor to see it through.

  • What is the most important step? There are a lot of good ideas in my que right now. There are a lot of different branches of opportunities that I could pursue. I would LOVE to have a show garden again – but I know the investment it will take to get it there. Right now, my investment is better suited to something else. By reviewing my opportunities and holding them up to my purpose, my driving values, AND my potential investment abilities, I can make the better and best choices for where to step (and how to step).

It is important to count the costs – to look at the why, the what, the how of my goings and my doings. If I know going in what it will take, I am in a better position to get it done.

Next week, I’ll share some thoughts on the king in this Scripture – the one that counted the cost and made a choice not to engage.

Be blessed,
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