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5 Outrageous Ideas Make Way for Inspiration to Grow

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MAP IT OUT – Week 4 – Inspiration

Wednesday – Be Outrageous

I may have to be a little outrageous to break out of the ordinary and expected – or I may just have to think a little outrageous to find the unexpected key to my next step. I just know that I can’t keep thinking they way I am thinking if I want to live out change for my life.

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Make Room to Be Outrageous

It will take outrageous ideas – the enormous, atrocious, and tumultuous ideas that shake things up and stir things up – to break out of the box of ordinary and expected.

    MAP IT OUT - Inspiration - Be Outrageous

  • It takes crazy ideas – some people define crazy as mentally deranged and some say extremely enthusiastic. I think it’s a little mix of both. The right idea is one that is out of one’s mind – or in other words, one that is not in line with what a sane person would be thinking.
  • It takes silly ideas – thoughts that are funny in a cute way or maybe that lack of common sense. It is the idea that might look foolish until it is examined at a deeper level.

  • It takes impossible ideas – the ideas that have no basis in reality; the ideas that have no anchors in science; the ideas that are just NOT POSSIBLE.

  • It takes never done before ideas. The ones that make others shake their heads or wage their fingers because that is NOT the way it is done.

  • It takes opposite ideas – the ideas that come at the problem from a completely different direction.

I need to get a little outrageous now and then if I am going to come up with the steps to walk out my impossible BIG DREAM goals. The ordinary is just not going to cut it.

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I have to break out of the mindset of THEY. I have to release the necessity of ordinary and expected. It will take some bold – and even some outrageous – ideas to get me moving down my unique path.

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We are all unique and we are all individual and yet we all seem determined to do it the way THEY have told us to do it. What I need in my life is a little more encouragement to be outrageous and a little more dare to be different – – if I am going to pursue my unique goals –then I am going to have to dare to be peculiar in this journey.

Quote of the day for Thursday, June 1, 2017

Quote of the Day - Think you can - Henry Ford

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you are right.” – Henry Ford

My thoughts direct my journey. I have to get so honed in on my purpose that I don’t just THINK I can, I KNOW I can. Sometimes it will require that I make room for possibility by investing in “a little outrageous” ideas.

Outrageous ideas will break me out of the box and make room for things the go beyond the ordinary and expected. Outrageous thoughts give me the strength and the courage to think I can – and then to do it!

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