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Joy Sharing – Two – Written Words

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Sharing written words of joy allow me to invest in joy for others and for self. Not only does it offer an immediate infusion of joy, but those written words will last for years to come and provide limitless opportunities for the infusion of joy.

Joy Sharing with Written Words

    1. I share joy when I take the time to send a note of encouragement – a written note is best but even a note in a private message can be a blessing.

    2. I can hold tight to joy when I invest in writing out a journal of praise. A journal of praise creates a history of hope that will continue to ignite my possibility every time that I read through it.

    3. Written prayers can be powerful tools for sharing joy. I write out all the prayer requests that I hear and then I ask for specific ways to pray and write those down as well. It helps me to remember to pray and what to pray and also serves as a reminder to speak words of hope to those that have been asking for prayer when I see them.

    4. Send notes of thanks to people – for specific acts or gifts but also for random things. The art of thank you has been almost lost to this generation of “instant gratification” and to those of us that are embracing it as well. Take time to send thanks.

    5. Invest in positive posts. Social media is here and it is a driving force in most of our communication. Make the posts words of joy and you may be surprised at how those words affect your world.

I know that words have power – and words that are shared in joy and with joy and for joy have the power to grow up joy. Written words of joy have the power to impact not only the moment of their writing but they can impact the future for many readings to come.

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