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5 of the Best Growing HOPE Ideas Help Accept Individual Path

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MAP IT OUT – Week 7 – Understand

Wednesday – Individual Path

I have to make the choice not to try to conform to this world – no matter how loud it gets when I make that choice. I have to understand my individual path and know that it’s okay to walk it.

Understand Individual Path

#GrowingHOPE - MAP IT OUT - Understand - Individual Path
The world will not quiet down just because I know my path. The world will likely get louder. I still have to go my own way because that is the only way that will ever lead me to my promise and my purpose.

  • It’s okay to be different. Others might not want me to be different, but that doesn’t change the fact that it is okay.
  • It’s okay to be similar. I can copy others or utilize tools from others. It doesn’t mean I have to be just like them, but I reflect them in some ways.
  • It’s okay to follow. I can let others guide the way now and then.

  • It’s okay to lead. I can step up and take the lead as well.
  • It’s okay to find what works for you. It is a process and it is okay to work through the process.

It may seem more difficult or more challenging to walk out the unique path – but the truth is that all this journey will be equally challenging because I HAVE TO WALK IT! The difference is that when I walk my unique path, designed for me, then I will have overflowing peace to keep me going.

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