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Relationship Priorities – Three – Hear Me

I have to learn to hear others if I want to grow a relationship with those others. Engaged listening requires hearing the words, seeing the surroundings, and showing attention. Then I will be in a position to truly hear what is being said.

Relationship Priorities Begin with Learning to Hear Me

Do you HEAR ME now?

    1. Hear the words – and by this I mean take a moment to focus on the words so that you can take them in.

    2. Repeat the words – say the words back in the form of a question or just a statement for clarification.

    3. Watch for the unspoken – experts say . . . well let’s face it that experts say a LOT. In regards to non-verbal communication they don’t agree on the percentages, but they do agree that most of our communication is non-verbal (discerning husband will also agree).

    4. Lean in – when listening leaning in shows interest. It shows the speaker that you are engaged with the words.

    5. Be alert to the surroundings – watch what is going on. Be aware of the other people around, the current circumstances, and any number of other factors. All of these, and so much more, can affect the meaning behind the words.

Everything is founded in and on relationships. If I want to be in a position to grow up relationships then I need to develop the skill of listening.

Do you “hear me?”

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