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How to Define Driving Values with Growing HOPE

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MAP IT OUT – Week 7 – Understand

Monday – Driving Values

I need to define my driving values so that I can walk out my purpose with boldness. The world is out to distract me or to drive me right into a ditch if possible. I need to see who I am and why I am so that I can continue walking to where I know I need to be.

Understand Driving Values

I understand my driving values and therefore I am positioned to move forward in purpose.

    #GrowingHOPE - MAP IT OUT - Understand Driving Values

  • My driving values are my core beliefs.
  • My driving values are the whispers of my heart.
  • My driving values are all me.

  • My driving values are my defined priorities.

  • My driving values should be written out.

The more I understand why then the more I can define what. I have to know the reason for moving so that I can be sure I am moving in the direction that will get me to where I want to go.

Knowing and understanding my driving values clears the path of those distractions that used to leave me face down in the dirt – or at the very least the driving values help me navigate through the distractions.

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