Quote of the Day for Wednesday

How to Fly – Bee Help for Being Unique

Quote of the day for Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The bumblebee flies not because it does it the same way as everyone else, but because it developed a unique way of flying specific for its design. – Kathryn C Lang

Quote of the Day - Lessons from a Bumble Bee

“We’ve never done it that way before.”

That declaration makes me smile because I KNOW they haven’t. I know they haven’t because I am trying to push them past the box walls.

It’s not as funny when I hear it come from my own lips. It turns out there are some limits I have to face as well.

If I am going to move beyond where I am, and if I’m going to do things that stretch my imagination, then I will have to do things that I’ve never done before.

If I am going to fly then I will have to be willing to take off!

But I can fly if I will try.

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