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Quote of the Day – The Choice of HOPE

Quote of the day for Monday, July 10, 2017

”My circumstances are not the reality of my heart. I can choose to see the clouds or I can choose to see the hope. That one choice makes all the difference. “ – Kathryn Lang

Quote of the Day - the choice of HOPE

Life happens – I can’t say it enough because it is the truth . . . ALWAYS. No matter how much I wish things to be different or even want things to be different. Things are what they are.

I don’t have to be happy with what is around me, but I do have to discover a way to be content in the moment as I move towards the place where I want to be.

It begins with hope. When I choose to see hope then I lay a foundation for possibilities to be raised up.

There are clouds on the horizon and there is hope on that very same horizon. What I choose to see – the one that gets my focus – will be the basis for my tomorrow.

One choice – but that one choice makes all the difference in the world.

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