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Quote of the Day – It Takes More than Hustle – April 12 2017

Quote of the day for Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Hustle without wisdom will kill dreams.” – Angus Nelson #CCN17

Quote of the Day - Hustle

I rushed around doing things. I invested my time doing things. I invested my money doing things. I looked up and I was still where I had been – not because I wasn’t doing but because I was doing those things with blind intention (or really no intention at all).

It takes action to get to where I want to be. I have to do things because without action there is no progress, but I have to do those things with wisdom and discernment – and they sometimes means taking a moment to ask the right person the right question.

I started asking and I kept on asking until I got something more than the ordinary and expected answer. The answers – the targeted and specific answers for my unique place and my personal journey – they helped me understand the why behind the actions and the reason to keep on keeping on.

The doing became action with focused intent.

Action for the sake of action will burn out even the strongest of determinations. There needs to be more. Investing the time to understand the why behind it all – sprinkling in some target specific wisdom – can make all the difference in the journey.

Do – but don’t just do for the sake of doing. Know why.

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