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Quote of the Day – Do it – May 4 2017

Quote of the day for Thursday, May 4, 2017

Don’t “just do it.” Do it.” – Rev. Stephen B. Henry, Ph.D.

quote of the day - do it

Just – close or near – according to Websters Dictionary 1828 website the word “just” is not all there.

Visiting with my friend, Stephen, I was reminded that to get to where I want to be I have to take actions that are on purpose and for a purpose.

Just will not cut it.

Too often I am merely doing things that will prove that I am doing things. Too often I am barely getting along so that I can almost be going along. Too often I am “just” doing what I can do to get me by.

Just will not cut it when it comes to living out a bold and purposeful life. My actions must be intentional, specific, and targeted.

When I make the choice to “do it” then I am moving from nearly becoming all that I can be to taking one step closer to my BIG DREAM goals.

Be determined to do it and you will.

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