Quote of the Day - Friday

Quote of the Day – Keep Going . . . More – May 12 2017

Quote of the day for Friday, May 12, 2017

Keep going. It’s not about speed but about consistency!”

Keep Going - Consistency

It gets no more complicated than this . . . KEEP GOING.

Even when the skies turn gray, you have to keep going.

Even when THEY come against you, you have to find the strength to keep going.

Even when the rug gets jerked out from under you, dust yourself off and keep going.

It turns out it can be just as easy to do what needs to be done as it is to put off doing it. Sometimes it’s even easier, because to put it off means I have to invest in finding a reason to put it off.

Do it. Do what needs to be done. Keep on doing it until you find yourself crossing that finish line.

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