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Quote of the Day – Make Encouragement Simple

Growing HOPE Quote of the Day for March 7, 2018

Don’t try to stuff encouragement in a box. Encouragement – at its core – is anything that lifts up, stirs up, cheers up, or in some way motivates or inspires the hearts it encounters. – Kathryn Lang

Bright Moon - Encouragement Simplified

We are all unique – and because we are all unique we experience encouragement in different ways. It doesn’t mean that one way is better than the other. It simply means that you have to practice encouragement in a variety of ways.

The key is not to find the best way to encourage but to be invested in practicing encouragement in many ways. A simple smile, turning off (or pausing the televisions) while someone talks, or taking the time to write a letter on real paper (and then mail it) are all ways to invest in encouragement.

The more you practice encouragement the more you will be in a position to provide the encouragement that best speaks to the heart you encounter.

It doesn’t have to be a big gesture. It just has to be a gesture.

Invested in actions and attitudes that make encouragement simple again.

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