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Stuff Happens and You Need a Plan with the Quote of the Day and Growing HOPE

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Daily Inspiration and Encouragement

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Quote of the Day

“The moment you allow the stuff of life to take the wheel is the moment your day runs into the ditch.” – Kathryn Lang

Quote of the Day - December 5 - running into a ditch

Moment of HOPE

Take Charge of the Stuff

Stuff happens. And, no matter what your stuff is, no matter what is happening to you or against you or even for you, the next step is determined by your focus and your choice.

There will be moments when you want to give up or to give in, which is why we need snarky rainbows in our lives because they help us find the smile that keeps us going when we hit those “throw up your hands and give up on it all” type of moments.

Join me over at SnarkyRainbows.com for daily inspiration and encouragement.

Challenge for Intentional Actions

Set a Stuff Stratagem

Today’s challenge is about getting control of the stuff.

What you choose makes all the difference in your world.

Create a Stuff Stratagem

1. How do you normally react when stuff happens?
2. What can you do different so that you manage the stuff and take intentional action instead?

It is that simple and it is your choice.

Daily Challenge - stuff stratagem

Scripture Focus

Today’s Readings:

Acts 5
Romans 13 – 16
Hebrews 9 – 10
Matthew 13 – 15

Scripture Focus:

“Whatever is not of Faith is sin.” – from Romans 14:23

Ponder Point:

Faith is the belief in God that drives you to purposeful actions through a relationship in God. If it is not of God then it is sin and it will crumble.

Share Moment:

What is the foundation for your actions?

Scripture Focus - Romans 14:23

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Place in Purpose

You are designed on purpose and for a purpose. Place in Purpose walks you through the questions that will help you plot your path to unlocking your heartseed.

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place in purpose

Today’s Growing HOPE broadcast

Growing HOPE Daily header - 64 - learning unconditional love

64 – Learning Unconditional Love

Unconditional love is simply loving without conditions – without expectations or requirements from others. And unconditional love creates a solid foundation for growing up relationships and it is ALL about relationships.

    #GrowingHOPE Daily - unconditional love
    Love powers all things that are worth having and worth doing. Unconditional love sets a foundation the world doesn’t understand and the world can’t shake.

  • First, let it go. You will never elevate to a place of unconditional love as long as you carry along conditions rooted in the past.

  • Second, stop counting. If you are asking how many times should I then you are putting limits on unconditional which is not possible.

  • Third, talk about the others – not to others but to God. I blunt conversation with God about what others should do, are doing, or you think they need to do will put things into the right perspective. It may not be the perspective you want but it will be the right perspective.

  • Fourth, move past the world and the limits the world sets. The world will never grasp the truth of the power that comes from unconditional love.

  • And finally, grow up a heart for service where you focus on doing for others. When you do for others without expectation of return and even when reciprocal actions are impossible then you create room for unconditional love to bloom.

If you are going to live bold in purpose and on purpose then you have to get to a place where you are living through unconditional love.

Growing HOPE Daily quote - you determine

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