Vision to Love Life

I have the vision to love life because I see what my life is becoming – not where it is or where it was, but where it is going to be.

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Learning to love life is not about doing everything I want to do or getting everything I want to have – but it is about finding a way to do more than survive the journey. Loving life is about thriving no matter what may lie ahead.

The Vision to Love Life

It all starts with the vision:

1. I learn to see beyond the limits.

For every limit, there is a way, if I am willing to see beyond the limit. 

2. I break through the expectations.

I have to get beyond the expectations they have set.

3. I recognize the mirages and the delusions.

Things are rarely as they seem and when I see past the shimmering mirage then I can begin to clearly envision my possibility.

4. I invest in learning.

Learn more and you find more opportunities. Quit learning and you will fade away.

5. I dare to believe.

What you can believe in your heart – to the point that nobody and nothing can take away that belief – well that kind of belief will grow up into a reality for your life.

Loving life is not about always liking my life – but it is about having a firm grasp on the possibility and hope of my life so that I can thrive in the moment or through the moment – no matter what the moment may look like.

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