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I can get hold of the vision for my “Why Living” when I actively invest in words of possibility. The words I invest in today will become the beliefs that drive my tomorrow.

Speak Possibility Words

If I want to live bold in possibility then I must actively engage in words of possibility.

    1. I meditate on the person I want to be and the person I envision becoming. I repeat the vision over and over for thirty minutes each day until it becomes my natural way of thinking.

    2. I need to read and write out my purpose directive that is specific and tangible for my journey and for the goals that I have set – and I need to do this at least once in the morning and once in the evening until it becomes ingrained in my thoughts.

    3. I have to make a practice of looking for the possibilities. They may be small or they may be big, but they are always there if I am willing to look.

    4. I must invest in sharing my moments of hope. When I share my hope it grows and spreads PLUS it keeps those moments fresh in my mind. And remember it is the things I think about that I will begin to believe.

    5. It is essential that I turn away from the negatives even when those negatives may come in the form of a cool television show (that everyone else is watching), a popular video game (that everyone else is playing), or a news broadcast. Nothing is more important that creating the space for words of possibility by letting go of the negative.

I being to walk out my own “Why Living” when I believe that I can walk it out – and that begins with the words that fill my day. I have to invest in words of possibility if I want to live out my impossible life.

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