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Love Life – Three – Thrive

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I am made to live a life beyond the limits and expectations of the world around me. I am made to thrive. If I want to get to that place then it will be up to me to make the choices to get there.

Begin to Thrive

I move into thriving one step at a time.

    Step One – I have to understand what it means to thrive.

    Step Two – I have to stop choosing things that I am going to dread. It is one thing not to like it or to not want to do it, but when dread becomes involved then it is time to move on.

    Step Three – I have to find people that make me laugh and then I need to make spending time with them a priority. Infectious laughter will make EVERYTHING a little easier and a little better.

    Step Four – I have to take responsibility for what I am doing and for where I am. Things may have happened to me that were beyond my control, but where I am standing right now is my choice.

    Step Five – I have to make better choices – ESPECIALLY just after I’ve made some leaps in my journey. It is easiest to become settled just after a success.

I thrive when I make the choices and have the focus that push me to flourish and to grow where I am instead of always waiting until the “what if.” I have to choose and then I have to go.

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