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How to Release the Unwanted and More Inspiration with the Quote of the Day

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Daily Inspiration and Encouragement

Thrusday, September 19, 2019

Quote of the Day

“Choose to let go of the things creating unhappiness in your life.”

Quote of the Day - let go of unhapiness

Thought of the Day

Holding on to Unhappiness

You have to make the choice. If something is holding you down or something is stealing your joy then it may be time to let it go.

There is a lot of stuff in your life and there is a lot of stuff you want in your life. If you are going to have room for all of your possibilities then you are going to have to release the stuff that creates unhappiness.

Challenge for Intentional Actions

Define Your Happiness

You decide.

Look at the things in your life, around your space, or in your schedule.
Gauge the happiness or value level.
Release the ones causing more harm than good.

Daily challenge - define your happiness

Scripture Focus

“Speak only things that are good and beneficial for spiritual growth to lift others up.” – from Ephesians 4:29

Scripture Focus - Ephesians 4:29

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Today’s Growing HOPE broadcast

14 – Release the Unwanted

You only find your way when you release the unwanted things getting in your way

    Let it go by releasing the unusable:

  • Release the unwanted traits.
  • Release the unwanted expectations.

  • Release the unwanted commitments.

  • Release the unwanted habits.

  • Release the unwanted stuff.

You can make more of your day when you make the purposeful choice to let go of the unwanted. It doesn’t matter how it came to you. If you don’t want it then free yourself (and the it).

Growing HOPE daily - release the unwanted

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