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Living Now – Three – Procrastination Breakup

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Procrastination is a trickster and a liar and will attempt to get me to see that not doing is a benefit. I have to see beyond the lies and take steps to combat the results that come from a relationship with procrastination.

Breakup with Procrastination

Procrastination is never helpful.

    1. I have to do it now – right now – while I’m thinking about it. If I wait then procrastination finds a way to grab hold and keep me waiting instead of doing.

    2. I have to be determined to push past the excuses. There will ALWAYS BE EXCUSES. The difference between a well lived life and a life of regrets is the power the excuses are given.

    3. I need to make the choice to do one more thing. One more thing before I take a break. One more thing before I call it a night. One more thing – because one more thing gets me closer to my determined goal.

    4. Create motivation and accountability that works. It has to be specific to my situation and to my personality for it to work for me. And if it doesn’t work for me then I won’t utilize the tool.

    5. Recognize procrastination for what it is. Procrastination is a time suck. Procrastination is a prosperity thief. Procrastination is a peace eraser. NOBODY needs that on any level.

I live now when I am not controlled by the worries of what has not yet happened. It is tough enough dealing with what is in front of me right now, but adding to that struggle the weight of something that doesn’t even exist makes it almost impossible to carry on.

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