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Living Now – Four – Now Focus

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I have right now. That is all that I have to work with. But I do have to make purposeful choices for actions that will make the most of my right now – and the distractions of past regrets and future worries will block me from taking those necessary now actions.

Determine to Focus on Now

    1. I need to use each minute with care. I can make more money. I can get more resources. I can find more energy. I will never make more time. Each minute is precious and I need to utilize like it can never be replaced (because it can’t).

    2. I need to carry projects with me. I have to find a way to create an office on the go because I never know when I will have five minutes (or several days) when I am stuck in something unexpected. I need to be prepared.

    3. I have to learn to multi-task like a pro. I understand that I can only give one project my complete attention, but I can give several projects my divided attention. Knowing how and what to multi-task makes it possible for me to multi-task.

    4. I have to find a way to utilize my down time – because I do need down time. This may be another level of multi-tasking (to some extent) but it is about being still without not doing anything – and yes, that is possible.

    5. I have to determine that I will not wait. I will not wait to get started. I will not wait to do it. I will not wait for someone else to do it (most of the time). I will do what needs to be done and then it will be done.

The time I have is right now and if I want to make the most of that right now then I have to take purposeful actions, be creative in how I use every minute, and even master the multi-tasking (that some people swear is impossible).

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