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How to Go from Busy to Action

Focus Moves from Busy to Action

Are you busy with much serving or are you active in purpose and on purpose? There is a difference in the two. One is activity that leaves you spinning your wheels in the sand while the other moves you in the direction of your target and goals.

I had been “at it” for a full hour now and was still not 100% sure what “it” is. I decided to stand up, stretch, and refill the coffee mug – because a lack of coffee had to be the issue.

When I walked through the house I noticed the front porch my son had cleaned (including wiping down the walls and ceiling) and organized. He had started the day with that goal in mind and he had finished it before the night ended.

He had a plan.

My life has been so crazy and discombobulated the last few weeks that I haven’t been taking the time to make my plan. I have been going – just holding on and hoping not to fall off as I was going.

Things have settled down, but I still seem to be just going and it leaves me sitting for an hour wondering what I have been doing for those 60 minutes.

I need a plan. I need a plan that starts with my why, defines the what, explains the how, and then motivates the now. In other words, if you want to get at it and get stuff done then you have to understand why you are doing it, define the steps to take to get there, and then get to going already.

Getting Back to the Plan

  • Do one more thing. I had started doing this before chaos struck so hard (and so consistently). Yesterday, I started getting back to it and I could feel the stuff slowing getting done. I just have to keep doing one more thing if I am going to get all the stuff done.
  • Stop thinking about it and just do it. One of the reasons I got lost in the idea of being “at it” was because I was thinking about “it.” Once I made the choice to take action I started getting things accomplished.
  • Let go of what you can’t do and focus on what you can do. There will always be limitations or hindrances or issues or . . . you name it. The key is to keep doing what you CAN do, where you are, with what you have until you get to that next place where you have something different and will be in a different place.


    SPOILER ALERT: There will still be things that you can’t do, issues that come up, and limitations . . . and so much more. They will just be a little different.

  • Whisk away the waits – because there will always be a reason you can find to put it off. It doesn’t have to be everything. It doesn’t have to be exactly what needs to be accomplished in the long run. It just has to be a step in the right direction. That first step helps create momentum for the next steps to come.
  • Keep it in front of you – in a way that works for you. It can be in the form of a planner, a list, an app, or a White Board of World Domination. The key is that you see it so that you can keep coming back to the focus you need and you want.

Since I started working on this article, I have created my lists for today, updated my focus folder, and even knocked a couple of items off the list. In other words, once I knew why I started to accomplish actual things instead of staying caught in the “busy doing.”

Where are you – more importantly, WHY are you?

Define your way and then get to getting there.

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