The Simple Answer to It All

We sat in our class but I could hear the ENTHUSIASTIC teaching coming from the other room. I almost took that class, but felt a pulling to the one where I sat at the moment.

Our class ended, and I had some time to listen at the door of the class I almost took. Some of the “catch words” of the day filtered out through the open door. Cholesterol, carbohydrates, and meals were just some of the things that were being shared.

I smiled and shook my head. From across the waiting space, a friend caught my attention. She smiled and rolled her eyes with a shake of her head. She had talked to me just days before about the class, and we had both considered it.

I told her exactly what I had told my husband when I brought up the class. “I know the answer. The problem is that I just choose not to do what I know.”

Could it be that simple? Could the answers that I want in my life be as simple as follow through? I know they are. I have seen the results of follow through in my life and in the life of the friend that was sharing with me that day.

It is NOT complicated. It does not require a complex set of rules and regulations set down by some expert. Yes, they may find results from the rules and regulations, but as soon as the rules and regulations are abandoned, the results will fade.

The simple answer – and the only true answer for any need, want, or desire in my life – is to hear and obey. I have to be invested in a personal relationship with God so that I can hear from Him. I have to make the choice to listen to His words, change my behavior or direction and follow Him.

Everything else is just noise and chaos that can get in the way.

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My journey will not be your journey because my journey is personal to me. My path will not be your path because my path is personal to me. You have to make that investment in relationship. You have to make that choice to change and follow in obedience. Then you will find your simple answer.

And yes, it really is that simple.

Be blessed,


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