How to Find Your Balance through the Crazy

I have been up for almost two hours and I still haven’t gotten anything accomplished.

I take that back – I just hit send for an email I had originally planned to send last night. Still, that is something. In my state of unbalance, I forgot that I had done that one task.

The events of the last month . . . actually, it hasn’t quite been a month yet . . . still, too much has happened and I am still spinning from it all. Unsure of my place and even more uncertain of the next direction, I spin.

I am all about “fly by the seat of your pant” but I prefer to have a general direction as a flight plan. Not knowing or not being certain is disconcerting.

How can you regain some control when you don’t know what is what and you can’t define it even if you wanted to?

Find Your Balance

  • You don’t have to get all the answers – not now and honestly not ever. You just need to have one answer. Call it the “right now” answer.

    How this looks for me: Right now I know I need to prepare our home for visitors over the next few days. I had started the process, but got caught in the spin and stopped. So, right now I can tackle that task one bit at a time.

  • Start back where it worked. I love the simplicity of children’s shows. On Blue’s Clues – back when we watched with the boys – when something got lost they would chant “go back, go back, go back to where you were.” So, when you are trying to gain your balance, go back to where you were.

    How this looks for me: before all of this chaos happened, I was doing something every time I stood up for a break or walked through the house. It worked and I got a lot done. I’m going back to what worked before.

  • Don’t worry about the rest. There are so many things that can’t be controlled, and worrying about those things will not make them controllable. Focus on what you can do instead of what you can’t do.

    How this looks for me: I can make decisions about me and for me – but I can’t control the decisions of others. I have to find my way to be okay with that position.

Sometimes it just all gets crazy. Instead of letting it drag you into crazy as well, find your balance by keeping it simple and focusing on your one, next step.

Be blessed,

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