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Should You Always Believe What You See

The eyes will sometimes present a picture far from the reality. Should you always trust your eyes? Or should you take a moment to see beyond the tree to allow you to take in the whole forest?

When a kitten is just a boot
I didn’t want a kitten, but the instant I saw the little, black kitten on the side of the road I knew I would have to stop. It would be on my return trip because I had to get my son to school.

I slowed down as I came around the corner in the road, closer to the kitten. I wanted to be sure it would be okay and that it wouldn’t run away. When I got up next to the kitten, I felt certain I didn’t have to worry about it running away.

The kitten was actually a boot.

It was bad enough that my eyes had tricked me into almost agreeing to another pet, but it got worse. When I went back that afternoon to pick up my son from school, I turned the same corner on the same road and immediately thought, “I can’t leave that kitten on the side of the road.”

Snarky Rainbows Moment

And it still took a moment for my brain to convince my eyes that I was not seeing a kitten.

The Eyes Lie

For the next several days, I would come around the corner and see the “kitten” and think I needed to stop. The thought would occur almost simultaneously with seeing the “kitten” and then my brain would remind my eyes that it wasn’t a “kitten” it was a boot.

Every day – twice a day – this occurred. I even tried preparing my eyes for what they would see only to have them still demand it was a “kitten” they were seeing.

See from different perspectives

What lies are your eyes seeing in your life?

Determined to See More

Your eyes will play tricks on you. Your eyes will have a limited view of what is and what is not the truth. You can choose to believe what you see, or you can be determined to see more (or to at least look until you are sure what you are seeing is really there).

How will you see your day today?

Be blessed,

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