Getting Caught Up

If today were yesterday then I’d almost be caught up. Time has slipped right past me these last couple of weeks. It seems that I have been playing catch up all this time but just not quite catching up. Being behind makes me want to throw in the towel.

Fortunately there is usually something that comes along that kicks me in the pants and gets me back on track. This morning started with a message on my last post (pretty much saying what I’m saying 😉 Thanks Monica!), this afternoon I read even more motivation. Tonight I would normally be in bed but the inspiration keeps coming.

    1. I confessed my problems. Once I admitted that I was behind on my deadlines it relieved an enormous amount of stress. Now I can quit worrying about getting done and just get done.
    2. I pushed myself just a little farther. I need to be asleep (I want to be asleep) but I committed to do one more thing and this is it. If I keep doing more then I will get it all done.
    3. I stopped asking for more work. Obviously I have hit a point in my freelance work that requires an adjustment to the schedule before I dig in for more.
    4. I am told my children and my husband exactly what I need to do and when I need to do it by. When they know my deadlines then they encourage me and even take over chores so that I can work on those deadlines.
    5. I am getting plenty of rest. No one benefits from my fuzzy mind. I have to take some time to wind down before bed so that I can sleep soundly once I get there (instead of sipping caffeine and watching horror shows so that I’m up for an hour once I crawl under the covers).

I know I’m not as far behind as I think I am – and I’m closer to caught up than I was an hour ago. But I can’t help but realize that if I would kill procrastination in my life then I wouldn’t have this situation in the first place.

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