My Umph is Going Shew

This morning I started out like a rocket. The first two checks on my to-do list were down before the sun cast its first beam. I was even sending job listings to other friends. It is amazing how much you can get done when the whole world is still sleeping.

Things began to slow down as soon as everyone else in the house started to get up. But I was determined to continue pushing through. Three more checks went down on the to-do list. This was working out to be one of those days when everything would get completed and I would be ahead – and there are so few of those.

Then there was lunch. There is something about this time of day and this meal that just seems to take the umph out me. I want to curl up somewhere to take a nap and I’m not really even all that tired.

It continued to go down hill from there. Now I’m closing in on the end of the day and am still about where I was before lunch. Only now I think I might need to get a cup of coffee just to get going again. If only there was some way to stop time and repeat this morning then I would be done for the day before the day even began.

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