Noodle Issues

“There you go noodling again.”

The marriage class my husband and I took did benefit our relationship greatly. It taught us to see things from a different perspective. The lessons gave us opportunities to discuss our lives, issues and circumstances without being prompted by chaos. It was all good, until about the 1000th time I heard that stupid phrase.

Men and women are fundamentally different. This is a scientific fact. I accept that but I do not accept that the scientific fact is the end of it all.

According to the Scripture, the two become one when the marriage occurs. The Scripture also states that there is no more man or woman and that we are all to have the mind of Christ. That means that we should all think alike as we grow in our Walk.

That is my story and I am sticking to it.

The reality falls short of the expectations. People tend to be a bit like running water and follow the path of least resistance. The flesh provides that path and the spirit has to work to overcome the easy way out.

Men and women are different mainly because they choose to settle for the ordinary. I can complain all day about that fact but it will not change that fact. My husband will still talk about my noodling and I can continue to smile to myself when I see him doing the same noodling moments later.

My own Walk will not be wedged into the ways of man. I choose to step out of my comfort zone. The more I allow my heart to be molded then the more I will be able to speak with proficiency even the language of man.

Get it? 😀

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