31 Day Challenge – Day 13 No Time for a Cold

A cold announces itself in the form of a small tickle in the back of my throat. There are times when I can tackle it with a little extra vitamin C or a hot bath with Epsom salt and sea salt. This time it hid behind other things going on in my life and I missed its approach. Now I’m dealing with the edges of a cold while pushing myself through the 31 Day Challenge.

The good news is that by doing most of my items at the beginning of the day I have less to overwhelm me as the sun begins to set. The bad news is that I want to go to sleep before the sun sets so my day is a bit shorter than normal.

Defeating a Cold and Finding Success

    1. Start the day with a nice glass of orange juice or pure grapefruit juice. The Vitamin C will give your immune system a boost and the fresh juice is good for you.

    2. Take a long, hot bath (as hot as you can stand it). The warmth makes your whole body feel better and you can come up with some plans for how to tackle the rest of your day.

    3. Work when you can. Even when your body is feeling down there will be moments when you feel up to doing things. Take advantage of those times no matter when they may happen.

    4. Ask for help. The people around you can’t help you if they don’t know you actually need help. Speak up so that they know exactly what you want (this is especially true if you are living in a house full of menfolk).

This 31 Day Challenge created a new focus in me. There was a time when I would have crawled into bed and not done a thing. Yesterday I did what I could when I could and in the end I got it all done. The cold could have been an excuse but it became one more thing that I have overcome through this challenge.

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