And the Winner Is . . .

The calculator came out last night. A new client added more work and my monthly earning figures was about to skyrocket. I needed to plan for all that incoming wealth.

Like most of the times I start “planning,” my reality took a quick turn towards fantasy. This is the time when I imagine a big pay off (for my book, from an anonymous donor, from the money tree in the back yard). I have decided that with just One Million Dollars, I can do all that I need to do and still have some money for a vacation. 😀

The break down is fairly easy. AFTER taxes and tithe I would:

1. Get those mortgage papers and burn them.

2. Put a chunk of the money in savings.

3. Hire a contractor to fix and remodel this house.

4. Build a pond.

5. Build a barn.

My need to write would not diminish because of the new found wealth. If anything, I would be free to truly write what I wanted instead of feeling obligated to write what I was offered.

I did some more calculations. Each day I get about 30 new visitors to this site. So, if each of you would just write me a check for $10 then I could have my million in just 100 days. If you would only up it to $100 dollars, then I would be set in just over a month. Now I see how these pyramid schemes get started ;).

Oh well, I still have my dreams! Today I will probably figure out just home many articles I need to sale each month to make these figures a reality for my life. Numbers are fun.

Your turn: What would you do with ONE MILLION DOLLARS?

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