Finding Your Balance

Find Your Balance

All of the plates that I had been spinning with such perfection now were in pieces all around me. It was not pretty. I thought I could do it all. I thought I could keep them going. I thought I could make it work.

Maybe I should have put a little more effort into my thought process.

The only thing worse than having to pick up all of those broken pieces is not having anything to pick up at all. I can say that I am the better for trying. Trying is good. I can also say that my next attempts will be better orchestrated.

I have a plan.

Top Tips for Keeping it All Balanced

    – Start it all with prayer. A man can make plans, but the Lord directs his steps. It is a good idea to start it all with a conversation with God.

    – Put it all in perspective. Not everything has to be accomplished right now. For that matter, not everything has to be accomplished at all. Determine what absolutely, positively has to be done. Do that first and then see what else you have the time, energy and resources to tackle.

    – Get others behind you. Everything becomes a little easier when you are not alone in taking on the objective. Give pieces to the kids. Give pieces to the spouse. Give pieces to some friends (and you can trade out with them to help get theirs in balance). You get more done when you get more people backing you up.

    – End it all with prayer. Be thankful for what you have accomplished. Ask for guidance to better tackle the situations in the future. Continue the dialogue with God so you can be sure that you are taking the best steps for the path you desire.

I may not be able to do it all – all of the time. I can do some of it all of the time, all of it some of the time, and most of it most of the time. The key to keeping it balanced is knowing what is when and when is what.

Are you trying to balance it all and leaving a pile of dishes to show for your efforts? Take a moment and let that moment begin to give you the balance you desire.

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