Define Self

Define Self
To know who I am I have to define who I am or the world will dictate it all to me. I needed help.

The conference that I attended recently brought together bloggers and journalists. We were talking about what place blogs had in the future of news and journalism. I enjoyed the information that each panel member offered. I took notes. But I came away with something more than they were presenting.

I began to define myself.

In the beginning of my journey with words, I learned to consider myself a writer. The more opportunities I found and the more venues where I managed to be published, the more I felt like a writer. I found that by adding the term “freelance” to writer I could get a little more credit to my craft. In other words, I looked more professional to those looking down on the fact that I did not have a real job.

My writing opened up doors to speak and teach. I discovered (once I overcame my fear of microphones) that I enjoyed the experience of standing in front of a crowd. My heart leapt with the chance to share words of hope and encouragement that were grown from my own experiences in and through life. I decided to add speaker to my resume.

The list of venues, experiences and even awards continued to grow. I published books, bible studies, and short stories. I taught classes and led conferences. The more I expanded my list, the harder it became to actual define my direction.

“If bloggers are about having conversations with readers and journalists are about presenting the news, then where does that leave me?” I pondered the ideas all the way home. Before I pulled into the drive, I had my epiphany.

Kathryn C. Lang – Wordsmith

(But only because I thought genius would be overkill)

I love words. I love writing blogs, columns, and correspondences (including letters that go to your actual mailbox). I love using words to teach and share in groups of all shapes and sizes. I love playing with words to get a laugh (or annoy my husband, depending on my mood).

It turns out that words ARE my occupation – spoken, written and even drawn.

Understanding what I am will help me develop the steps I take to continue on my journey. It will also help me define MY success, because I will understand more my unique purpose.

Who are you?

Do you know what you are doing? Until you unlock the door, the rest of it will continue to remain hidden. Define self and discover your dreams.

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