What THEY Think

The writing business is starting to pick up steam. Like other things in my life, I’m finding that the more I do the more I can do and the more people are willing to let me do – except in my hometown.

The town I grew up in is small. Most of the people older than me were delivered by my grandfather (who was a doctor by the way). Either I went to school with the rest of the people or they went to school with one of my brothers. They KNOW me.

It was once frustrating. Today it is mildly humorous.

They don’t know me. If the truth was told, they didn’t know me when we were in school. After four years of college (far, far away) and almost twenty years of spiritual growth and personal reflection, there are days that I don’t exactly know myself.

I’m patient with how they see me, or I’m trying to be. Situations are presenting themselves that are allowing me to show some of my knowledge and expertise. Because of that, a few “important” individuals are taking notice (and maybe giving me a little credit even).

STill – how they see me and how they choose to recognize me does not change who I am.

In the end, what other people think they know doesn’t stop me from being who I am unless I make the choice to let it. If they refuse to let me through, then another door will open up. Most of the time it turns out that the detour is the better direction anyway.

For now, I will keep smiling when people look pathetically at me because I “stay home” with the kids and homeschool (remember, it’s a small town and everyone is into everyone else’s business). When they muster up the courage to ask, “but what are you doing?” my response is planned.

“I am an international writer, radio and podcast personality, and award-winning author who is blessed to have the ability to follow my first choice and stay home with my family. What are you doing?”

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