Fear Kills Dreams

Fear should never be the reason you don’t follow your dreams. Walking the normal path is not something I have ever been good at. It’s more fun to take the peculiar path. In college, I changed my major every season. I was determined to find the area that would match my uniqueness in every way. Only one thing came along that I truly felt I would love. Instead of following through and giving it a go, I watched it slip past. My only reason was money – I was worried that my parents’ medical coverage for me would lapse.

What was the dream? I wanted to join the circus. My priest (who had been the priest that traveled with the circus at one time) actually encouraged me to attend clown college – yes, there is such a place. I was so close, but turned away out of fear.

That dream has sat in the back of my mind for many years. Instead of being in the circus, I would take a gaggle of kids to see it every year – front row! The sights and sounds would send a spark through my whole being. An email came today that brought that dream back (thanks Scott). It made me determined to give my children the freedom and boldness to follow their dreams.

Fear of anything (not having something, other’s reactions, or money issues) will cripple the dreamer. It made my life difficult and kept me from doing and trying and being. Not anymore though. Each day I’m working to overcome.

It all really started with “Clean Sweep.” All the stuff I had stacked around the house was there because someone gave it to me at some time. I couldn’t offend them by getting rid of it. I got over that quickly. Now I’m trying to figure out HOW MUCH I can get rid of before my own family cries “Uncle.”

The decision to homeschool the kids also gave me a boost. If you want to face conflict then try bucking the system. People will come out of the wood work to tell you how wrong you are in choosing your path. I’m blessed to have stumbled into a support system (both around me and on line) that makes the stand a little easier.

The greatest thing I have done to be able to follow my dreams is to learn to keep my mouth shut. Although I have become quite talented at saying no to tasks that aren’t in the direction I’m following, I have also learned that silence is golden because no one else knows what you are up to. People can’t kill you dreams if they don’t know you are on the path to follow them. 😀

Dwelling in past dreams is not my style. New dreams have come to life and I will push ahead and reach for them. I’ve gotten over the money thing. Provision will come – if I am willing to do what I am supposed to do and truly give it my all.

Keep your dreamer alive. Step away from fear and follow your heart today.

Kathryn Lang

#Hope builder. #Dream inspirer. Master of “it’s all about #relationships.” Aficionado of inappropriate laughter, Kathryn Lang believe we can all fly and works to help others find the time to make their dreams come true. She shares with people that are trying to walk the tightrope of family, work, and faith – and keep them all in the right balance. Contact Kathryn today to speak or teach at your next event.

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