Writing the Perfect Presentation

The computer screen hums at me. The keyboard just stares. I have an encouragement presentation in just two days and I have NO IDEA what to write. Encouraging others is difficult when you are struggling to encourage self. But even worse is the growing pressure that you HAVE to encourage someone.

What to do?

All I know to do is to write what is on my heart and then piece it together down the road. Maybe that is what I should have been doing all along. Instead of focusing on the message I should have been focusing on my heart. Ten to twelve short articles would quickly make up a 35 minute presentation. I have let the process run away with me and it is time to bring it back in line.

Tips for Creating the Perfect Presentation

    1. Stop focusing on the time and focus on the message. People are not going to care if the message is 5 minutes or 35 minutes if they are getting something from the words that I am speaking. I noticed that in church the other day and even commented on it. The preacher made his point and had the heads nodding – but then he continued on for another 10 minutes because he is suppose to go for a certain length of time. By the end, most people had lost the point that had made such an impact.

    2. Stick to what you know. It is not time for me to research new ideas. There are enough ideas already floating around in my head for me to talk for days. I was asked to speak because of my heart and my enthusiasm and that is what I need to be sharing.

    3. Use what you have. I have been writing and speaking about encouragement for a while now. Even though this particular slant is a little different the encouragement is still the same. I need to just dig out my past presentations, articles and tidbits and see what I already have instead of trying to build it all from scratch.

    4. Trust your instincts. Speaking is as much about passion as it is about preparation. I need to have the words in order but I need to have the concept in my heart. The passion for helping others understand their purpose and passion will be what gives life to the encouragement.

    5. Get naked. This is NOT about a clothing situation. It is about the spirit. If I am willing to reveal my whole heart then others can accept my words.

Now I am ready to put this together. Taking my passion and combining it with my experience to reveal my heart will be all the elements I need to make the perfect presentation. I refuse to let the clock dictate my words!

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  • Hi Kathryn –

    Wonderful post! A couple of weeks ago, I needed a devotional for my writers’ group. Although some ideas floated through my head, I couldn’t seem to get hold of anything. After prayer, I stopped stressing and decided to share my heart.

    Thank you for breaking down the process in a more concrete way. It clarified my thinking. 🙂