20 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic

Making money has been on my mind a lot over the last couple of days.  Yesterday it dawned on me that the key to making money on my blog is to bring traffic to my blog.  It doesn’t matter whether I’m trying to sell something on my site or just trying to sell ads.  If no one comes then that is it.

Today I started searching for the key to driving traffic to my site.  It only recently dawned on me to do a Google search for “increase web traffic.”  There are probably dozens of phrases that I could use.  What I have found so far is a mass of articles that give great ideas for driving traffic to where I want it to go, and a couple of websites that are simply a must for bloggers.

Performancing – I’ve been visiting this site for a few months now, but have concentrated on the “monetization” aspect (even though Raj has encouraged me to focus on traffic).  Not only does Performancing have numerous articles about increasing traffic, but there are also some great hints on every thing from blog design to content, and a listing of blog jobs.






Copyblogger offers great tips for online marketing success.  It’s one of the sites I have been encouraged to visit on a regular basis because of all the useful articles.  These blogging sites are also great because of the connections that you make.



Problogger is another of the must visit sites for bloggers.  It has a wealth of information, contests, and encouragement.






Although these are some of the most popular blogs about blogging today, the blogosphere is a full of great people with great ideas.  The more people learn then the more they seem want to share.  Many of writers will respond to comments and questions you have about what they have written.  Unlike other forms of media, blogging really is a relationship.

Although I don’t visit all the sites as often as I should, there are a few more articles and places that have caught my attention.









Weekends are my new time to build my traffic.  Since the whole family is in and out all day, it’s not like I can concentrate on writing hard core articles.  Systematically, these tips will be implemented on my site.  Some of them I already do, although I’m not nearly as consistent as I should be in my blog promotion activities.  Some of them are new (and may be impossible because of dialup).  All of them are worth a shot – especially if I want to reach my goal.

It would be great to be one of those bloggers that makes thousands of dollars off their own site and that the news stations turn to when they need an “expert.”  That won’t happen because some magic elves build my shoes while I’m sleeping.  I have to build the traffic.

In the mean time, I’ll continue to use my blog writing as a teaching tool.  The unique writing I do for my blog (with key words, length, amount of articles, and turn over time) pushes my skills and makes the other genre writings much cleaner.  Hopefully, by focusing on the content and by following all of these great suggestions, my numbers (and feedback) will continue to increase (and so will my income).  I promise to shout it out when I reach the mountain top.

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