7 Ways to Sneak In Some Writing

November is National Novel Writing Month – and I’m already behind.  I was all excited about the task, but life is getting in the way (like it usually does with my fiction writing).  It’s no excuse really, but it’s all I got write now.

If you don’t know what NaNo is all about, the concept is easy.  Over the next 30 29 days, you write a novel from start to finish.  There is no editing.  Word count is all that matters.  This is as much an exercise of habit as it is an exercise of writing.  The great thing is you have the support of thousands of other writers to help push you along.

I may have stumbled out of the gate, but I’m not giving in.  Writing is my passion and it is only right that I habitually make time for it.  After all, there always seems to be time for the latest hit television show.  Maybe if I go back to old school ways and write on a notepad I will find more ways and times to work this project into my day.

1.      Write one page first thing in the morning.

2.      Write one page just before bed.

3.      Write while waiting in line to pick up the kids.

4.      Write one page while the baby is napping.

5.      Write while the dinner is cooking.

6.      Write while the game is on (but go to another room to do it).

7.      Write while you are in the bathroom.

Don’t wait until next year.  Jump in with both feet and start now.  It doesn’t have to be a work of art (but who knows what you might churn out).  The goal is to get writing, to do it for 30 days straight, and to train your self to make writing a priority.

Kathryn Lang

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