Take Steps to Balance and Save

The little things can add up quickly. You’ve seen it happen when you forget to write down all of your debit charges and you balance your check book at the end of the month. The balance drops way too fast. The great thing is that little savings here and there can add up just as quick.

1. Turn down the heat one or two degrees – especially at night. Even better, get a thermostat that will set itself according to the time. That way, it will turn itself up before you wake and will stay off while you’re out at work.

2. Keep the lights off. We are stuck in daylights savings time (at least for a few more hours) so we should take advantage of its benefits. There are few rooms in my house that benefit from the electric lights in the morning. Leaving them off saves a little more on my electric bill.

3. Wash and dry full loads of laundry. The smaller loads take the same amount of energy. Combine loads so that the machines are full.

4. Hang your laundry out to dry. It will keep the house cooler and will save the cost of drying in the machine. Plus, the clothes will have that “sun fresh” smell when you bring them in.

5. Get movies from the library instead of the video store. No only do they usually have a great, family-friendly selection, but they will often get in the movies that you request (at no charge to you).

6. Run a sink full of hot water for washing dishes while you are cooking and eating. This way you can leave the dishes to soak briefly (while the water cools a little) and you won’t have to run the dishwasher.

7. Don’t buy it because it’s on sale – unless you had already planned to buy it before. I save coupons on “treat” items (like frozen pizzas, quick fix snacks, etc) until they go on sale. Double the coupons and I almost can get the products for free.

Saving is only part of the process to securing your finances. You have to look for creative ways to manage your money. A quick surf of the internet and I was able to find some great (and not so great) sites with financial advice for the family.

· If you don’t know where to start, then this is the site for you. It’s a quick and easy guide to get you on your way.

· Here is a site that helps you see the bigger financial picture. 26 Family Budgets Strategies Revealed covers more than the money.

· Saving money on food is a great way to balance your budget.

· Not only is this Frugalforlife a great financial website the idea of 25 ways to save money has expanded all over the internet.

· Here are some tips from the Queenbee to get your family finances headed in the right direction.

· Here are some great ideas to divide up your spending so that you don’t feel deprived.

· If you don’t have enough tips, here are 36 more ways to save you money.

· Birthdays don’t have to be expensive to be great. Use some of these tips to make a successful party on a budget.

· Real Life has some great budgeting tips and also links to resources to help you in your goals.

· It’s easy as one, two, three. Getting started with a budget does not have to be difficult.

When you save a little, you can save a lot.  With some creative ideas, you can be on your way to financial freedom.  What are you favorite tips (or sites) that help with your budget or finding creative ways to save?

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