Three Steps for Discovering Your Knowing Place

You can mark my words, something is about to break. I have repeated that phrase over and over since I first heard the words in a song. My husband and I sat down to discuss the upcoming year in January and I confessed then that I knew (deep in my knower) that March would be the turning point.

There are times when you know things – the idea or promise has settled so deep into your heart that there is nothing and no one that can pry it loose. I tell people it is like the expectation of salvation. You KNOW it because you KNOW it – it has settled into your knower.

I woke up this morning with that feeling. The smile was the first part of me to wake up this morning and I am pretty sure I have been smiling since. It is done – the situation is settled – there are no more questions, concerns or worries. I just know in my knower.

Finding Your Knowing Place

    Examine your thoughts – what do you believe about the possibility of a situation? I read once that a man always checked the necks of stray dogs that wandered into his yard because he never knew when one of them would be caring a bag of money. He expected to find money and he thought about that expectation each time a dog wandered into his yard. What do you expect?

    Examine your life – what are you DOING to make the possibility a reality? That man could have had a thousand dogs with a thousand different bags of money wander through his yard, but had he never gotten up and checked then he would have missed out. What are you doing to follow through on your expectations? DO SOMETHING if you want something to happen in your life.

    Examine your heart – what are the whys behind your thoughts and actions? A man that seeks money for his own rewards is a lonely, broke man no matter how much riches he acquires.

Take these three little tests to begin to understand your heart, mind and actions. The more you understand the sooner you will discover that the way becomes settled in your knowing place.

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