Remember the Much Done To Keep Getting Much Done

“It’s Wonder Woman Wednesday.”

The post greeted me from J’Que – always an inspiration, she shared the perfect words of encouragement to start my day:

There’s no time for quitting! You’ve come too far now. Rest, take a breather, refresh yourself, but then get back on the journey. The road is not nearly as long as it was a year ago. Keep the faith and keep right on moving!!! Good morning, POWERHOUSE!! It’s Wonder Woman Wednesday! Now, rise up and #Powerup!! Putting one foot in front of the other and never turning back on what you truly want is #Powerliving!!! Be encouraged!”

The words got me thinking about where I was this time a year ago . . . a month ago . . . a day ago. I have accomplished much and I know that even though I have much more to accomplish that much more doesn’t diminish the much.

Remember the Much Done

  • I have taken a step in my work. My goal for 2017 was to deliver 12 keynotes this year. I haven’t made it to the keynote stage (yet) but I have presented five times and have already been accepted for another for this year. THAT is much!
  • I have taken a step in on my writing..My goal was to sell 100,000 books and to draw in 1200 people to my email lists by the end of the year. I knew the key to all of this was to bring more people to my website. I have been focused on developing content for the reader while keeping an eye out for the bots so that I build the consistency that will bring them both back. My bounce rate has dropped and my organic visits have grown. That is much!
  • I have been determined to bring my home to zero. I wanted to get rid of all the clutter and unnecessary stuff while making the existing spaces more useful. I have gotten two of the rooms in a place where they are easy to clean and organize. That is much!

Too often, I get caught up in what I need to get done and I forget all that I have done. It is not that I need to spend all of my time looking behind, but that I need to take time to remember that much has been accomplished.

Each step I take moves me closer to where I want to be. Each action I take lifts me a little higher. Each better choice I make draws me towards my BIG DREAM goals.

I have come a long way. Remembering the much I have accomplished empowers me to continue to step into all that I’m designed to be.

Dare to DREAM BIG and then keeping adding to your “much done” to get there!

Be blessed,

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