One Key to Writing Success

Find the key for writing success.

One of the keys to the universe of success revealed itself to me today. I discovered that if I want to get some writing done then I will have to take time out of my day to write. I hear what you are all saying, “You want to be a writer and you did not even know you needed to right? Maybe you should rethink your plans.”

I have always known that I needed to write to be successful in my career as a writer. I would have told you that my muse had to show up or that I needed the added incentive of a deadline to make anything happen. Something always seemed to be hindering my push towards the future I desired.

Two weeks ago, I embarked on the NaNoWriMo challenge. The goal was simple – write 50,000 words of fiction in the Month of November. It was through my efforts at this simple goal that I found that ever important key.

Importance of Writing for a Writer

    – There will always be something going on in my life. Making a determined decision to write words on a particular story, every single day, for a full month, forces me to look past the reasons I am unable to write and to focus on the ways that I can get those words down. I develop a consistency that covers those pesky somethings.

    – Projects will never be completed unless I complete them. That novel will stay in the desk drawer half-finished unless I take it out and finish it. The only way to successfully tackle a monumental task, like writing 50,000 words in one month, is to take it one step at a time. I have to write a paragraph and then another until I have a page. Each paragraph brings me closer to completing the writing projects I have left dangling.

    – Exercise makes things stronger, more flexible and more dependable. Putting my writing skills to work will help me build up my abilities and make it possible to write even under the worst of circumstance. Consistent exercise will teach me to train my muse to dance when it is time to write instead of leaving me alone waiting for her to show up and get the words flowing.

Building a successful writing career requires that I write. It is more than just putting letters together to form words. I have to make a choice that I will write abandon so that no reasons can hinder the flow. I have to write each word so that the next word will have a home. I have to consistently build my abilities so that I will be in the right condition to do what needs to be done.

I know that writing each day will help me get to where I want to be. It is one of those wonderful keys that will unlock the doors to my writing success.

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