Beyond circumstances

Sweating through the Circumstances

Sunday morning I got a last minute call to teach Sunday school. I accepted and it went well.

Monday afternoon my youngest son turned eight and we hosted a party with 10 boys and 2 girls and it went very well (the house is still standing).

I did all of that while fighting a migraine, body aches and fatigue. Yep, I have had a cold and today I am sweating out the remainder of it. The last few days, I had things that had to be done. There was no other person that could do them. It was do them or they would not be done. I had a choice.

This morning, I faced another choice. I knew I was fighting a cold and I knew I needed to beat it back. I considered staying in bed all day and letting the family cater to my every need. Reality soon kicked in (cause that is never going to happen) and I determined that if I could push through on Sunday and I could push through on Monday then I could push through today as well.

Where there is a will, there IS a way.

One of the reasons we invested in a laptop computer was to give me the flexibility to work wherever. I have written while sitting in the doctor’s office with my mom. I have written while on the road to visit family. I have written in between sessions at a conference. So the only thing that would keep me from writing while fighting a cold is me.

I have a good excuse, but it is still just an excuse. I can choose the excuse or I can make a way around the circumstances to continue forward in the journey.

So I bundled up in my blanked, crawled under the covers and set up my laptop office around the bed. It turns out the heat from the laptop actually helps with the effort to sweat out the yuck. Now, if I could just get my family to listen to the bell when I ring it for my needs. (I know, back to reality).

What is standing in the way of your success? Ultimately, no matter what you have pegged as the problem, your success lies in your hands. I had already been thinking about that the recently, but it hit me square in the head then I reviewed my last couple of days. If I want something bad enough, then I am going to find a way to make it happen. Excuses no longer become an option.

I can get there – if I first determine where there is located and then I determine that nothing will stop me from reaching the destination. It comes back to me. I can push on despite the immediate circumstances or I can let those same circumstances become the hindrance that holds me back.

Are you determined enough to sweat through the circumstances?

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