Top Blog Annoyance

Nothing frustrates me as much as reading a great post and forming the perfect response or comment only to discover that there is a process to being able to post that reply. The need to log in or register is one of the reasons that I hated Blogger for so long. Making things difficult for readers is probably my top blog annoyance.

Readers are Essential to a Successful Blog

Great content will only take a blog so far – it is like having the perfect product but never making a single sale. People need to read what you write, and it is even better if they are so compelled by the words that they have to respond.

Avoiding the Top Blog Annoyance

    1. Make commenting as simple as possible. Check your blog settings so that people can leave a response without filling out a full credit history.

    2. Make leaving a comment expected. Engage the reader with a question or request that calls out for a reply.

    3. Leave off the comment section completely if there is a full inquiry form that has to be filled out as well.

    4. Try leaving a comment on your own blog (or have a friend stop by and do it) and see how easy or difficult it may be. You can use these experiences to make future visits to your site more enjoyable.

I want to be engaged with the websites that I visit, but I do not want to spend more time getting signed up to leave those remarks than I do making those remarks. Make commenting easy on me and you will avoid what I consider to be the top blog annoyance.

What do you think is the most annoying thing about blogs or on blogs?

Kathryn Lang

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